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The Thing About Grad School

When you tell someone you are in grad school for Sociology, they immediately ask you two questions: “What are you going to do with that?” and “Why would you want to be in school that long?” The American education system has so warped the concept of learning that the idea of going to school because you enjoy learning is unheard of. To tell someone I am in grad school so that I can go on to more school and eventually end up teaching school blows their minds.

Grad school work is tedious, strenuous, expensive, and always stressful, but here’s the thing about grad school: it allows you to explore through education and research what is important to you as a person. It introduces you to people you may never have met otherwise and affords you new perspectives on social issues. While an advanced degree is the ultimate goal, the road to get there is just as important. So if you’re questioning whether or not it’s worth it, trust me, it is.

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