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Today should be a holiday. March 1, 2014 marks the day that I first discovered the show Firefly. Hear me out…It’s not that I hadn’t heard of it before, or that I hadn’t spent years ignoring the hordes of raving fanboys on message boards. But today is the first day that I gave into the tug of curiosity and sat down to watch an episode.

Holy man am I hooked. And while I have not reached the end of the series, I now understand the pang of loss felt by the Firefly faithfuls at the end of the show. Even after the first episode, I feel as though I have a personal connection to each and every one of the characters presented… Halfway through the episode, all I wanted to do was talk about it with someone… It brings about the perfect balance of humor, violence, dialogue, and storyline…

So how does this relate to the duality of grad school, you may ask? Well, I should be working on lesson plans and reading Social Theory but instead, you can find me here neck-deep in Firefly!

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