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We have a Prince of Peace and he is the only source of peace we will ever find in this world

Mark 1:3
Prepare a way for the Lord. Make his path straight.

Blessed are the peacemakers…

Peace is about more than the absence of conflict. Peace cuts to the core of our beings and reforms our way of thinking, acting, and reacting. Peace is about reaching out and building bridges for relationships that have been missing or strained in our communities. Peace builds from a total repentance of our old and sinful nature and transforms our lives and the lives of those around us to seek righteousness and joy.

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Life is rough.

Living life halfway between being a college student and a real life adult is sometimes super hard. Sometimes I have to remind myself of little things like:




And especially:


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There is the overwhelming possibility that I have an addiction to the great game of baseball.  During the off season, I watch baseball movies and religiously watch the off-season moves.  Spring training only ups the stakes, as it serves as the build up to the most amazing 6 months of the year.  During the on-season, all attention is focused on the management of my fantasy team (which i have a terrible time drafting without the aid of my trusty baseball friends). Come on, April…you got this.

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21 Things You Suddenly Start Wanting In Your Mid-20s

I made a firm decision when I graduated with my bachelor’s degree that I was going to get my PhD by the time I was 30. Nearly every decision I have made since then has been in an effort to achieve that goal, but when I come across something like this, it make me realize how much I enjoyed that year of my life where I had an office, a steady income, and a structured 8-5, Monday through Friday schedule…

Thought Catalog

Once you have officially retired from your Crazy Girl self (or Crazy Guy, as the case may be), you start strangely desiring things that had never really crossed your mind before — or which had always seemed boring. Here, 21 things your mid-20s self wants desperately.

1. A job where you have to wear something nice. It used to be that you would avoid getting “dressed up” during the day at all costs, and would scuffle into class wearing all but a Hefty bag and some Ugg boots, but now you want to have a reason to shop at Banana Republic. You dream of a flawless statement-necklace-and-shift-dress combo.

2. Sangria. The phrase “I hear they have a good sangria here” has crossed your lips on more occasions than you’d like to admit.

3. At least a few hours of precious weekend time to browse home decorating websites, like West Elm…

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Today should be a holiday. March 1, 2014 marks the day that I first discovered the show Firefly. Hear me out…It’s not that I hadn’t heard of it before, or that I hadn’t spent years ignoring the hordes of raving fanboys on message boards. But today is the first day that I gave into the tug of curiosity and sat down to watch an episode.

Holy man am I hooked. And while I have not reached the end of the series, I now understand the pang of loss felt by the Firefly faithfuls at the end of the show. Even after the first episode, I feel as though I have a personal connection to each and every one of the characters presented… Halfway through the episode, all I wanted to do was talk about it with someone… It brings about the perfect balance of humor, violence, dialogue, and storyline…

So how does this relate to the duality of grad school, you may ask? Well, I should be working on lesson plans and reading Social Theory but instead, you can find me here neck-deep in Firefly!

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The Thing About Grad School

When you tell someone you are in grad school for Sociology, they immediately ask you two questions: “What are you going to do with that?” and “Why would you want to be in school that long?” The American education system has so warped the concept of learning that the idea of going to school because you enjoy learning is unheard of. To tell someone I am in grad school so that I can go on to more school and eventually end up teaching school blows their minds.

Grad school work is tedious, strenuous, expensive, and always stressful, but here’s the thing about grad school: it allows you to explore through education and research what is important to you as a person. It introduces you to people you may never have met otherwise and affords you new perspectives on social issues. While an advanced degree is the ultimate goal, the road to get there is just as important. So if you’re questioning whether or not it’s worth it, trust me, it is.

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